Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Why Harry Potter Fans are Outraged (and should be)

Harry and HermioneJ.K. Rowling did an interview (Rowling Regrets Ron/Hermione Relationship) in which she said that Harry and Hermione should have married, not Hermione and Ron. I said on Facebook that Hermione and Ron will have to endure a lot of marriage counseling to stay married. Her original vision, Rowling said, was for Hermione and Ron to fall in love and marry. Sometimes, in the writing of a book, writers must discard their original vision. The characters grow in ways the writer does not anticipate. Rowling now believes she should have followed the characters, allowing the romance to blossom between Harry and Hermione. I agree with her, but I think she’s wrong to voice it.

You see, when a good writer creates a world, the reader enters into that world. The characters come alive. Readers may daydream about the characters, carry on imaginary conversations, and visualize the world to such a degree that it seems almost real. And readers do not want writers messing with their “reality.” Some readers do not even want to know writers exist. They would rather believe the world the writer worked so hard to create came into being fully formed.

Once our work enters into the world, it is no longer ours intellectually, for lack of a better word. Instead, it becomes a collaboration between the writer and the reader. The reader’s imagination takes the story places that the writer has never even dreamed. The story takes on a life of its own—one that depends as much on the reader’s imagination as the writer’s.

So, Rowling basically broke into the reader’s mind, without permission, and rearranged the furniture. And that is why Harry Potter Fans Are Outraged.

We, as writers, need to learn from Rowling’s mistake. Are you listening, George Lucas?


  1. I completely agree - even though we all felt that Harry and Hermoine should have ended up together - once it was established that they were more brother-sister like and she developed a passion between Hermoine and Ron - you can't go back and change your mind :/

  2. I thought Harry and Ginny were perfect because that makes Harry REALLY a member of the Weasley's which was the only loving parents he had actually known. So, to me, the match ups were perfect.

    1. Right! There's rabid fans both ways. However, the point is that in Potter-world, Hermione and Ron found happily-ever-after. Rowling can't change things now! (not even if it's just in our minds.) :)

    2. I agree with you on that for sure!!! :)


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