Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday Fun??

Not sure about the "fun" part, hence the question marks. Life has been challenging of late, and I'm struggling to establish a new normal. I'm working on updating my books Rise: Reflections on Christian Writing and Write: Reflections on Christian Writing. I hope to finish within the next week or so.

My mother turned ninety-one. She recently had two minor strokes but has improved tremendously, praise God. She has become more child-like, telling her sister, who is a few years younger, that she's the boss because she's older. I'm learning to laugh instead of grieve over her diminishing mental acuity.

My hope for the future is to share memes I've made on Mondays, passages from Eternal Springs on Tuesdays, passages from the Reflections on Christian Writing on Wednesdays, perhaps do old pictures on Thursdays, and share blog posts or videos on Fridays. Sounds like a plan, eh?

Perhaps I'll even throw in some original blog posts on occasion.

Now for the "fun" part. We have a pair of fox squirrels living in our yard. My husband and I have been trying to take a picture of them since we've been here. The other day I was here alone, even the dogs were gone. I noticed something moving in the tall grass. I moved closer and realized it was the pair of fox squirrels. I quietly slipped into the house to snag the camera, hoping they would still be around when I returned. Sure enough, they were still close to the front porch. As I moved closer, they scampered up trees and watched me. And here's the result of my efforts:

Have a great weekend!


  1. Glad you're back! The fox squirrels are so cute!

    1. They're a joy to watch. I hope they don't get in our attic!

  2. Yay! Just saw your back to blogging. Missed you!


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