Wednesday, June 11, 2014

My Goals, My Hopes, My Dreams

In a writers’ group I belong to, we were asked to list our goals, hopes, and dreams. I had to ruminate on it for a day or two, and still I’m not sure of my answer, but I’ll give it a stab.

My tangible goal is to work steadily on Thunder’s Shadow, the last of the In the Shadow of the Cedar books. I’m giving myself plenty of leeway here. The tentative publication date will be in December of this year. I have a very rough draft written (50,000 words). If I work four days a week for at least four hours a day, I can be finished with the first pass in four weeks, by the middle of July. It would be ready for Beta readers at that stage. Then, it’s just a matter of polishing it up.

My Goal: Work four hours a day for for days a week until Thunder’s Shadow is complete.

My hope speaks to my tagline—Training my hands, bending His bow, piercing hearts, healing souls.

Part of my hope is to study (train) daily. There’s a part in Rise, Write, Shine that says something like this: we must immerse ourselves in God’s word, so much so that we live out our Christian lives, doing the right thing, without giving it a second thought. And when we become “right” for God, we “write” for God. His righteousness pours forth from us and onto the page. Therefore, the training enables us to become better Christian writers.

The second part, bending His bow, is learning to surrender. Someone had a meme the other day that said to not keep rattling the door when God has firmly locked it. (His bow, by the way, means me. We’re the bows from which He sends forth his word.) Life happens, and we may not like it, but we must learn to accept it.

 ended up

The next part of my tagline, “piercing hearts,” refers to God’s words being able to prick consciences. We train in His word, bend to His will, and write the words. He will allow them to get to the right place, to offer encouragement or exhortation where it is needed—to pierce hearts.

And the last part, “healing souls,” is about the healing power all Christians have found in God’s word.

My hope: I will immerse myself, drench myself, in the word of God, surrender my life to His will, be courageous enough to allow His thoughts, His words, drip from me and into my books, and have faith His water of life will heal souls. (Did I carry the water metaphor too far? Smile)


My dream: I will find peace, happiness, and contentment in using whatever God gives me to accomplish His will. (And I really hope His will is for me to sell a million books! But, you know, His ways are not our ways and all of that!)

Dear Lord,

Please help me to find the peace that passes understanding in doing your will for my life. Help me to recognize the path You wish me to take.



  1. Great post and love the picture quotes above, Sheila! Praying God blesses those dreams of yours!


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