Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Thunder's Shadow Available for PreOrder

Thundersnow will be free, 
December 5th through December 9th
Clothed in Thunder will be on sale for $.99,
December 6th through December 13th
And Thunder's Shadow is available for PreOrder today through the 17th at a special price of $.99! Release day is December 17th!

In the Deep South of the Great Depression, Sarah Jane, a courageous yet vulnerable fourteen-year-old, battles a mentally ill mother. While enduring emotional and physical abuse, she strives to rescue, not only herself, but her four-year-old brother from a lifetime of pain. When a Thundersnow transforms her life, Sarah Jane's fearless faith sets her on a hope-filled path where bliss awaits if she will only seek... in the shadow of the cedar.

Picking up exactly where we left off in Book One, Clothed in Thunder teaches us people are not always who they seem to be. Jay realizes that though she's always loved Michael - did she really know him at all? And what about Drake the Snake? Could he really shed his skin and become a different person, one she could love?

A blissful life was planned—to move back home, to the farm that held precious memories and the promise of new life. The bombing of Pearl Harbor shatters the dream. The roar of war thunders across the ocean, casting a shadow on those left behind, who must carry on without the strength of their young men. Yet God's light can pierce any shadow, even Thunder’s Shadow. Will Sarah Jane find the grit she needs to withstand, not only the turmoil of war, but also the insidious assaults of Michael’s former girlfriend? As always, she must seek... in the shadow of the cedar. 

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