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I've recently blogged about my plans for 2015 and have already revised them to some extent. I definitely plan to do the fourth book for In the Shadow of the Cedar series. I may tie up all the loose ends by the end of the fourth book so that might end the series. I had planned to have three books in the series but Thunder's Shadow grew a little long, and I knew I would have to write at least one more book.

I plan to have the book finished by the end of March and published by the end of June.

Southern Pines Mysteries will be a spin-off from In the Shadow of the Cedar. Zeke, Sarah Jane's brother, and Grace, Marla's sister, will be the "detectives." The first book I had planned was to be titled The Frailest Branch. Since that title failed to convey mystery, I've been brainstorming possible titles and have come up with nine, including book covers. I plan to write twenty books in this series, perhaps more. Here are a few of the titles and covers I've come up with (and let me give a big shout-out to Better Blurbs and Book Covers Facebook group for all their help!):

Each title, as you can see, has a murder weapon in it. I'm running out of ideas for murder weapons! I've had a lot of fun making the covers. I hope the writing is as much fun!

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