Wednesday, October 21, 2015


I admit I'm a bit OCD about book titles. My OCDness manifests itself in this way: I like to keep the same word in the title of each book in a series. 

For example, In the Shadow of the Cedar series consists of four books, each with the word thunder in the title.

I have written the first book of another series and moon will be in the title of each book. As a matter of fact, Moonbow is not only the name of the first book but also the name of the entire series.

In my new series, Southern Pines Mysteries, I thought perhaps I would be content with using plant names or parts as titles. But my OCD self is not happy with that. Neither is my muse. In the past few days I've seen the word "branch" repeated several times in books I've read. 

Okay, I can take a hint--especially if it's my OCD self the muse is speaking to.

I am writing a trilogy, A Tree's Response, within the series. Frail Branch, published on October 10th, is the first book of the trilogy. The second book, previously Mysterious Wisteria, has been re-titled Rootless Branches. The third book, Twisted Roots, has now been re-titled Broken Branch

After the trilogy is finished, I'm not certain I'll continue with the branch theme although I've thought of more (or found more) such as Grafted Branch, Dead Branch, Root to Branch, Green Branch, Withering Branch, Blooming Branch, Flowering Branch, Doomed Branch, Burning Branch, and Budding Branch. Whew! That'll keep me busy if I write all those!

Here's my author page if you'd like to take a look at the thunder books: Sheila Hollinghead

Now if I could come up with future titles before publishing the first book of the series!

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