Friday, October 23, 2015

Thundersnow on Audio and Baby Hitler

The Thundersnow audio book has been in production for several months. Today is the day I submitted it for review! 

It takes ten to twelve days for approval and then it goes on sale. The Clothed in Thunder audio book is next up for production. 

Over on Twitter, Baby Hitler is trending. The New York Times polled its readers to see how many would go back in time to kill baby Hitler. Ultimately, 42 percent of readers said they would, 30 percent said they wouldn’t, and 28 percent said they weren’t sure. ~Salon

Some of the responses on Twitter are hilarious. 

And then this:

That was the question on my mind when I began the Moonbow series. If Hitler had been raised differently, what would have been the outcome? Which is stronger--nature or nurture?


However, along the way, my original question has faded away. The question I'm exploring now is whether parents who think their baby is Hitler's clone can forget the evil he committed in the past in order to love him as their own child. At this point of the story, it's unknown if the baby is Hitler. As a matter of fact, in Moonbow, DNA tests indicate that the child is not Hitler. 

Could you raise a clone of Hitler as your own child? Interesting question and not one easy to answer.

I plan to write the sequel to Moonbow soon. In the meantime, check it out on Amazon and see what you think! 

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