Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A Haiku Kind of Day

Playing catch up today with my haiku. Hope you enjoy!

Day 11: 

Warmth seeps--cold’s despite.
Lonely trees lean to touch a
Fleeing, fading light.

Day 12:

Destroying cyclone 
Rustles leaves who now speak of
loneliness, alone. ‪

Day 13:

Safety’s illusion.
Safety exists not here; only
Beyond reality.

Day 14:

A swirling golden
Spiral of mathematic
Sums--imprints of God.

Day 15:

Quench my thirst. Let thy
Searing fire seal my cold heart,
And destroy the cold.

Day 16:

Enraptured I sit
To listen to his stories
Persuading and dull.

Day 17:

Dense fog surrounds the
Dispersing light and hides its
Countenance slyly.

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