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Saturday, November 7, 2015


Snobbery is alive and well in society today. It's a wonder people are not drowning with noses stuck so high in the air. I can only assume most are staying out of the rain.

And snobs travel in groups. There are Christian snobs who think their religious beliefs trump others. There are intellectual snobs who think they're slightly smarter than any outside their group. There are even nerd snobs who think they are nerdier than the next guy. And of course we have the liberal snobs and the conservative snobs. 

Snobs always attack others, either directly or indirectly.

Most snobs travel in cliques. A clique is a group of like-minded people who think their views trump the views of others. What's the problem with our snobbish cliques? They shut down honest discussion. 

If you disagree with a view they hold--Sherlock is not the greatest television show of all time, for instance (it is, by the way)--than you are disdained and ridiculed. 

We are all unique and our views will not coincide. And that's fine. Don't treat me with a smug attitude if I'm not a fanatical Whovian. (I'm a lukewarm Whovian, by the way.) 
I do know this is bigger on the inside.

Another problem with snobbish cliques is that they leave people feeling isolated and ashamed, or isolated and angry.

And, unfortunately, the divide is growing. Consider this: My brothers, show no partiality as you hold the faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord of glory. ~James 2:1

Be inclusive and show no partiality. 

Be un-cliquable.


  1. Oh, you certainly nailed that one, Sheila. Snobbery runs in families too. I agree, we should all love one another by respecting one another' opinions, ideas, faith (unless it mandates killing people), and personality.

    1. Right! Love one another. Thanks for stopping by!


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