Sunday, October 15, 2017


I'm attempting to remain on schedule while dealing with selling our house and building a new one PLUS not one but two secret projects. 
Yes, shhh... coming soon, I will share details of two projects involving other historical western romance authors! Exciting times to be working with such talented authors!

(By the way, that is my new logo that you may have noticed on my Facebook page or Twitter.)

I do have some news to share with you that's not as top secret. First, my giveaway has been extended due to a glitch in the printing of the paperbacks. I now have the paperbacks in hand and ready for the giveaway. Holding the paperback for the first time is always a great feeling! Here's a picture hubby took tonight: 
The three novellas are all in one paperback!

If you have not entered the giveaway for a chance to win, go HERE

Also, Robbie and Taron is now free and you will find it on many websites--Amazon, Instafreebie, and these websites

In November, Thunder Snow will be released free so be watching for that. I have updated and re-edited Clothed in Thunder and hope you'll check it out. 

Also, Abby and Joshua is in this Spirit Filled Ebooks Giveaway. Enter for a chance to win $50 or a Kindle Fire. 

And if you wonder if that's enough to tire me out, yes, yes it is. However, I MUST stay on schedule. I've committed to having 15,000 words written by Tuesday of this week. Only 9,000 to go! I have done it before and can do it again. I've sketched out several chapters today and should be able to get the words written fairly quickly. 

Life is settling down, I do believe. A stray dog showed up at our door and desperately needs befriending. And we've taken in a rescue horse. I don't have a picture of the dog but do of the horse. Here are the BEFORE and AFTER pictures:

Her name is Rosie and she's a sweetie! 

In an attempt to become more organized, my new goals are to write 3,000 words per day Monday through Friday and take Saturday and Sunday off. Well, not completely off. I'll schedule my newsletters and blog posts and other such activities on the weekend. Sounds like a plan! Have a wonderful week!

UPDATE on the Update: The next book in the series, with Libby and Ander, will be titled Libby Unraveled (unless I change my mind again.) This is the story I'm working on now and originally planned to alternate between Libby and Ander's point of view. So far, it seems like I'll stick with Libby's point of view. However, I think we'll all be able to guess what Ander is thinking! 

Abby's book will be titled Abby Unbent and Robbie's will be Robbie Undaunted. I've found that until I'm finally pinned down when I publish the book, titles, points of view, and other things about the book are subject to change! And sometimes they change after publication. I am trying to be better! But sometimes change is a good thing!

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Center Stage: New Beginnings by Annie Boone


The little blonde-haired girl ran through the flowers, stopping from time to time to pick some for her bouquet. Her light blue cotton dress blew in the breeze as she twirled and jumped around without a care in the world. Her long curls flew behind her as she frolicked in the sunshine.
Audrey could hear her daughter’s laughter above all the other noises in the park. It rang out like a beacon of hope and happiness. At least that’s what she felt about Daisy’s contagious hoots of joy. She was thankful that her situation was still a secret from the girl. She’d find out soon enough, but she was still trying to figure out how to help her understand all the changes they’d been through over the past year.
Every time she looked at her daughter she was amazed at how much she looked like her father. Sam’s eyes always seemed like the color of the sky at sunset when the darkness was almost ready to take over the light of the sun. Daisy’s eyes were that same dark blue.
If she didn’t know better, she’d think there was no way this child could belong to her. She looked so much like Sam. Her own hair was light red and she had freckles from her Irish heritage. It seemed like her daughter had inherited nothing from her. Well, except for her laugh. My laugh was carefree and joyful once, she thought. Before.
She gave herself a mental shake. She couldn’t fall into that black hole of despair again. There were decisions to be made and lives to be rebuilt. She was the one responsible to move things forward and she intended to do that.
“Daisy! Come along now! We need to go!” she called.
Daisy looked up and waved, but Audrey could see her disappointment. It was clear she wanted to stay and play, but she started the walk to her mother.
“Here, Mama,” Daisy said when she reached Audrey. She held out a wilted bouquet of mismatched wild flowers and Audrey took them carefully. “I hope you love them.”
“I do love them. They’re beautiful, just like you. Thank you, my love!”
Her heart filled with delight at the gesture. What she loved more than the flowers, was her daughter’s sweet and carefree spirit.
“Bye, Bethany! Bye Mellie! See you tomorrow!” yelled Daisy as she waved to her friends. The girls waved back and returned to their games.
The girl never met a stranger. She knew that one day she would become more guarded, but until then she’d watch her little one make a host of friends. She knew that her natural friendliness would serve her well, especially in the coming months.
She held out her hand to Daisy and the two started the short journey home. Daisy skipped while Audrey tried to keep up.
“Mother! We’re back!” called Audrey when they reached home.
“Grammy! Were back!” Daisy shouted at the same time.
They walked into the kitchen to find Kathleen kneading bread on the countertop. Sweat was beading on her forehead, but she had a big smile on her face.
“Grammy, you can have some of the flowers I got for Mama, if you want,” said Daisy with sweetness oozing from her voice.
Audrey smiled and shook her head at the personality change in her daughter. As soon as she was inside, Daisy turned into an obedient darling. When she was under the cloudless sky she was a free spirit.
“Thank you, dear,” said Kathleen. “Let’s put them all together. Find a glass and put them in some water. They’ll perk back up.”
“What can I help with, Mother?” asked Audrey.
“Nothing, right now. I’m almost finished with this. We’ll have it for supper with the soup,” said Kathleen.
“Sounds delicious. I’m going to send Daisy for a short nap. When I come back, we need to have a serious conversation,” said Audrey.
“All right. I don’t think I want to, but I know it’s probably time,” said Kathleen. She looked at Audrey anxiously.
“Let me go upstairs and get her settled. I’ll be back in a minute or two.”
Audrey walked past her mother and reached a hand to her shoulder. She squeezed it and continued on to get Daisy snuggled in for an afternoon nap.
Kathleen Riley had been Audrey’s rock. She couldn’t ask for a better mother or friend. When her father died of a heart attack, she and Sam had just married. It was a shock to lose him at such a young age. She was most surprised at how well her mother rebounded from the loss.
“Life goes on. We accept God’s plan and rely on Him to see us through.” This had been Kathleen’s refrain. She never wavered from it even through her grief. Her faith was inspiring.
Kathleen and Graham Riley had come to America from Dublin, Ireland when Kathleen was expecting their first child. Audrey had been born about four months after they landed in Ellis Island. Later the little family moved to Boston. Graham chose Boston because so many other Irish immigrants were already established there. They found a nice little walk up and that’s where Audrey grew up and made some of her best friends. Audrey’s memories of that neighborhood were precious.
Her father’s woodworking business had done well and they moved to a bigger place when Audrey was fourteen. A townhouse with a front porch. It’s what her mother had always wanted. Just like they’d had in Dublin, she often reminisced.
When she was fifteen, she briefly met Sam Norris. From that day forward she thought of almost nothing but him. She fell in love with him a little bit more every day. He didn’t know she was alive until she almost knocked him over one day when she was running late for school. She was embarrassed and he was smitten. From that moment on, they were a couple.
Yes, good memories, thought Audrey. Now it’s time to figure out our next move. Three generations of Riley women need to find their way.
Kathleen was waiting on her at the kitchen table. A grim but determined look told Audrey that she had an ally. But she already knew that. Her mother had always been her strongest supporter.

* steam rating (1 out of 5)

Book Description:

Audrey Norris is worried but determined. Her life has taken a drastic turn. A short year ago, she was a happily married woman with a young daughter and a warm, cozy home. Now she’s a widow responsible for her daughter, her mother, and a big fat mortgage she didn’t even know about. She can’t pay the house note and she doesn’t have a job. Her options are few and mostly undesirable. Widower Caleb Jefferson is the successful blacksmith in the town of Cutter’s Creek, Montana. His sister has been fussing after him to get married again, but he’s managed to dodge her arguments. Until now. He finally sees that his daughter needs a mother. However, he’d been in love before and that ended in disaster and heartbreak. He has no desire to fall in love again, so he’s hoping he can find a woman who will agree to his terms. When Audrey and Caleb end up together, everyone around them is delighted that their families are joining. Caleb tries to make it work, but he can’t seem to let go and move on with his life. Audrey worries about their strained relationship. She prays every day for help and guidance. She hopes that soon a breakthrough will come. God is taking His time. In the meantime, the family grows closer while Caleb drifts further away. One simple misunderstanding will sever the fragile balance they’ve created. Will this be the end of their relationship or the beginning of a lifetime of love?

About the author:

Bestselling author Annie Boone admits that sweet love stories are a passion for her. She also enjoys history, so writing about the two together is the perfect combination for her. Her love of history was passed down by her father and cultivated by her husband. Annie has always had a quiet story teller hiding inside and now she has the time to put those stories on paper and share them. Her hope is that her stories will entertain readers and her words will inspire the ones who need it the most. The Christian elements she includes often help remind her of her own faith as she writes. Annie lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and the two most wonderful cats in the world. She loves to travel, cook for her family and friends, and watch as much sports as possible. She also loves to read. Of course!

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Annie, thanks for joining us ...

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Center Stage: Divine Gamble by Charlene Raddon


The air shifted, and a breeze fanned the back of her neck. Someone had entered the saloon. Seeing Marshal Jake Harker look behind her and frown, she stuffed the bank draft into her pocket. The hair on her neck rose. She turned slowly, expecting to see death staring her in the eye.
A new stranger, built like a freight wagon, stood just inside. Small eyes squinted out from under bushy brows. Dirt and grime smeared his square, pugnacious jaw. He reminded her of Quasimodo, minus the hunchback, but with an ugly scar angled from the corner of his nose, and down across a fat-lipped, down-turned mouth, exposing a jagged tooth. Her father had played Quasimodo once on a beer-soaked stage in Wichita, frightening a five-year-old Maisy near to death. Did he seem familiar to her because he reminded her of that unnerving experience? The newcomer gave her a bold once-over. He took what looked like a photograph out of his pocket, glanced at it, at Maisy, and, wearing a grisly smile, started toward her. Something behind Maisy caught his attention, and he stopped. She glanced over her shoulder and saw Harker staring at the stranger. The Quasimodo look alike cursed under his breath, spun about and left. Maisy laid one hand over her heart and pressed the other to her lips as if that would keep her from falling apart. The man had gone but might be waiting for her when she left at quitting time. He must have seen Harker's badge and figured now wasn't the time to grab her. Maisy's heart raced. She closed her eyes and reminded herself of the other times she'd survived Gold's henchmen. She would survive this time, too. A sudden urge to leave town assailed her. But the stage had left. The ore train from Telluride wouldn't arrive until morning. Why had she ever thought she'd be safe in a dead-end canyon like Pandora occupied? Yes, she had friends here, but she couldn't risk endangering them. She discreetly closed her bag to hide the card box inside. "Snake eyes! I forgot my card box. Would you keep an eye on things, Jake, while I go back to the boarding house for it?" "Let Delilah do it. I'd better go with you. You never know what gun-happy drunk might—" She forced a laugh. "I'm a big girl, Marshal. I've been walking dark streets, storm or no storm, all by myself for a long time now, and I have my Deringer in my reticule. I don't need anyone holding my hand. Besides, Delilah's busy." "Still, I think..." "Don't be silly. I'll take Hock. He won't let anything happen to me." As if comprehending her words, the dog rose and swiped a wet tongue over the back of her clenched hand. "All right." Harker bent to pet the dog. "I think he'll make you a good guard dog. He knows you saved him. Get back here soon, though." "I only need ten minutes, I promise. I'll take the back way, and no one will even see me." Slinging her cloak around her shoulders, she took up the bag and headed for the rear door of the saloon, the dog at her heels. The rest of her faro gear would have to remain here. Replacing it all would be expensive, but, if she took it, Harker would know she didn't plan to return and demand to know why. Every instinct screamed for her to leave Pandora now. But she had to hang onto her wits, had to make plans. One choice would mean a steep and dangerous trek over a trail that zigzagged up the cliff and over the mountain. No, the train remained her best bet. She could only hope she'd be safe in her room until departure time. At least she had her reticule, the bank draft Harker had given her, and her Derringer. She'd managed before; she could do it again.  
She had to.

*** steam rating (3 out of 5)

Book Description:

As a girl, Maisy Macoubrie witnessed the murder of her beloved father. She's been running from the killer for fourteen years. If only she could provide a safe home for her and her son… but she'll never get rich dealing faro in saloons, with a cold-blooded killer on her trail.
The Preacher never meant to become a gunman. Sometimes life deals a man a hard hand. Always alone, always hunted, he dreams of all he’s been denied—peace, family, love. The moment Maisy and The Preacher meet, their lives change once more. United in battle against a powerful enemy, they fight side by side, but can they beat the odds they face? Is love worth the biggest gamble man has ever known?

About the author:

An avid reader, Charlene Raddon never planned to be a writer. A vivid dream changed that. She dragged out a portable typewriter and began to put her dream on paper. Originally published by Kensington Books, Charlene is now an Indie author. All her books have received high accolades, contest wins, and awards. When not writing, she designs historical book covers at her site, where she specializes in westerns.

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Charlene, thanks for joining us ...

Monday, September 25, 2017

Update on Down to the River

I spent yesterday formatting the Down to the River manuscript for paperback publication. Today, I uploaded the cover and submitted to Create Space. I plan to publish the book on October 2nd, my brother's birthday. 

He died a few months ago, and I miss him dearly. When I first began publishing my books, he was there to support and encourage me, as he has been my entire life. I still find it difficult to speak of him without dissolving into tears.

Lest I destroy my computer with the flood of tears, let me instead share the cover for the paperback--

Abby and Joshua, the last of the novellas, will be published this Saturday! It was a tough story to write, and I shed many tears along with Abby. 
Next up, I'll return to Libby and Ander's story. The title of the next book will be Libby Undone. This time Ander's point of view will be included along with Libby's.

If you recall, Libby and Ander travel east in the hopes of selling some of Ander's artwork. They decide to visit Ander and Taron's mother who has recently remarried. Ander is suspicious of his mother's new husband. 

Also in town, who should they see but Sylvia Lindsey. Ander's mother and her new husband and Sylvia travel back to Texas with them.

Should make an interesting journey! 

I've already begun writing the story and plan on publishing it by the beginning of 2018.

And we can't forget Robbie and Abby, Robbie Undaunted and Abby Unbent. Hopefully, both will be finished before the end of the year! Abby Unbent may be published first, around December, if all goes according to plan. 

But don't forget--Abby and Joshua! Only five days until publication! Pre-order today!

Friday, September 22, 2017

12 Weeks to a Trilogy

One month after I started my journey, I finished Abby and Joshua. It will be published on September 30th.

Yes, I'm about three weeks behind on my goal but happy the novella is completed.

As always, the story took a direction I didn't expect. That has happened often enough that I'm no longer surprised. 

I have already begun the next book which will not be a novella but a short novel. Scenes are popping in my head, and I hope my momentum will continue! I have eight weeks left in my Twelve Weeks to a Trilogy challenge. I plan to finish all three books--
(Tentative titles)
Libby Undone
Abby Unbent
Robbie Unafraid

I'm ready for this next book--Libby Undone. Libby and Ander are my favorite characters, and I hope to delve more deeply into their past. Thanks for joining me on the journey!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Center Stage: No One's Bride by Nerys Leigh

A mail order bride with no intention of marrying, a young postmaster determined to change her mind.


Adam lifted his head again to see Amy through the window, walking into the back yard. He drew in a breath and let it out slowly and, as the door opened, plastered on what he hoped was a convincing smile.
She returned his smile when she saw him, making his own transform into the real thing.

Her hair was escaping from her braid, rogue strands frizzing around her face, and her clothing was rumpled and covered with muck. But even exhausted, disheveled and dirty she was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen.

“Are you all right?” he said, rising from the settee.

She pushed the door closed behind her and slumped against it. “Apart from feeling like my arms are about to melt away to nothing and wishing that my back would go with them, I’m fine.”

His smile disappeared. “You shouldn’t be working there, it’s not suitable work for a woman. George should never have hired you.”

He knew immediately it was the wrong thing to say.
“Really?” She planted her fists on her hips, defiant and utterly adorable.
He raised both hands in surrender, fighting a smile. “I didn’t mean that how it sounded. You can do anything you want. It’s just... you look so tired. He shouldn’t be working you so hard.”
“It was just harder today because the stalls needed a good scrub. It will be easier in the future because I’ll keep up with it all. I just need time to adjust.” She shuffled to the sink, using the pump to splash water on her face. “George is really very sweet, and at least he didn’t tell me I couldn’t come back. I was worried he would.”
“Sweet?” he said, taken aback. “George Parsons? Are you sure we’re talking about the same man? Owns the livery? Gives the word grumpy a bad name?”
She laughed, turning to face him. “Underneath, he’s lovely. You just have to look deeper.” She wrinkled her nose. “What’s that smell?”
“Um...” He’d noticed the odor as soon as she walked in, but he didn’t want to tell her what it was.
She grimaced, looking down at herself. “It’s me, isn’t it?”
He pushed his hands into his pockets and concentrated on not laughing. “Mm hmm.”
“I’m going to need to wash...” she waved her hands at herself “...everything. Maybe I should just go and jump in the creek.”
“I’ll tell you what, we’ll draw the curtains to give you some privacy and I’ll take your clothes and shoes outside and wash them while you get yourself clean at the sink in here. Then I’ll start supper while you get dressed and rest. How does that sound?”
She gave him a dreamy smile. “Like you’re the most wonderful man in the world.”
Adam’s heart thumped in his chest. If she hadn’t smelled so strongly of horse manure the urge to wrap his arms around her would have been irresistible.

** steam rating (2 out of 5)

Book Description:

The last thing Amy wants is a husband, but her only hope of escape from a dangerous situation is to answer postmaster Adam Emerson's advertisement for a bride. When her desperate plan to trick Adam into paying her way across the country goes awry, her guilty conscience compels her to stay in the small Californian town of Green Hill Creek to find a way to repay him the cost of the train fare before she moves on. The trouble is, she’s completely unprepared for the effect of his kindness, charm, wit, and ridiculously blue eyes. As her dream of a new life in San Francisco begins to falter and her past catches up with her, can Amy hold onto the one thing she never thought she’d want but now can’t bear to lose?
About the author:

Nerys Leigh writes thoroughly romantic Christian historical love stories. She loves heroes who are strong but sweet and heroines who are willing to fight for the life they want. She’s from the UK, which you would think puts her in a unique position to not write about mail order brides in the American west, but the old adage of writing what you know has never appealed to her. She has an actual American read each book before publishing to make sure she hasn’t gone all English on it. No One’s Bride is the first in the Escape to the West series which tells the stories of a group of women willing to travel across America to find happiness, and the men determined to win their hearts.

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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Center Stage: Wyatt's Bounty by Kim Turner

Will a bounty hunter set on revenge risk it all to rescue the woman who walked away?


"Wyatt?" "Huh?" "I loved you...long before Israel died." The confession rocked her thoughts. She had loved Israel, but she had longed for Wyatt years before Israel had died. It had been wrong and there were times it made her feel like she hadn’t done right by her deceased husband. She weaved her fingers into Wyatt’s, touching with tenderness where the fracture had been. “I did, right or wrong. I mean...I loved Israel, we had so much in common with his study of science and plants and my study of medicine, but I was guilty of dreaming for you long before...he died." His smile was tender as he lifted her chin. “I’ve known that for a long time, Doc. And I can’t count how many nights I lay awake, wishing I were holding you.” She held tighter to him. “And when you left Cheyenne, it was all my fault. I knew I had made a mistake. I wasn’t even myself without you. It was as if I kept falling and falling, never hitting the ground to land anywhere.” With that he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her. “I’ll always be here to catch you, Doc, always.”
***** steam rating (5 out of 5)

Book Description:

Bounty hunter Wyatt McCade is recklessly taking down one outlaw at a time. Hard work is one way to forget Tess Sullivan’s womanly curves. But when he learns that she never left Cheyenne, he rides home and right into a trap. Left for dead, he recovers in the capable hands of the lady doctor and even if she can’t forgive herself, loving her is the easy part. But when McCade lands are threatened and he uncovers the truth, it is Tess who is caught in the balance. Finding himself on the bounty hunt of his life, he’ll risk it all to rescue the woman he loves.
Doctor Tess Sullivan shattered her own heart by turning down Wyatt McCade’s proposal. Worse than the hurt in his eyes was watching him ride out of Cheyenne, knowing she’d made the biggest mistake of her life. Pining for his return, she blames herself when he is brought to Cheyenne beaten and near death. Forgiveness comes quickly in the arms of the bounty hunter she has always loved, but she soon finds herself the pawn in a deadly game of revenge, praying Wyatt will find her before it’s too late.

About the author:

Kim Turner writes western historical romance, and discovered her passion of writing at the age of eight by writing poems, short stories and journals. Kim graduated from Clayton State University with a Bachelor's of Science in Nursing and holds a Master's Degree in Adult Education from Central Michigan University. Working as a registered nurse educator for over twenty-seven years, she enjoys studying the medical treatments of the old west as well as keeping up with the latest western movies and television series. While she loves reading anything from highlanders to pirates, she claims to have an unquenchable thirst for the American Cowboy when choosing her reads. Kim lives south of Atlanta with her husband and calls her greatest accomplishment the birth of one daughter and the adoption of another from China-neither of which came easy. Kim is a member of Romance Writers of America and Georgia Romance Writers. Kim's Motto: It's All About A Cowboy and the Woman He Loves.

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Kim, thanks for joining us ...

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Become as Little Children

Life is a series of lessons to get us back to where we began as children.

Life was once full of excitement and adventure. 

Everything was new and exciting. 

Each day held a promise of discovery.

Laughter filled our lives. Tears were shed and forgotten, quickly and easily.

Anxiety and stress did not fill our days, if we had good parents.

For many of us, safety resided in our childhood homes. Our parents cared for us and met our needs. 

But then we learned there's evil in the world.

And life became stressful.

We began to think it all depends on us. 

But it didn't and doesn't.

When we let the Holy Spirit into our lives, he fills us, guides us. We can learn to depend on him. 

And if we mess up, there's no need to cry over spilled milk.

It's only a small little ding in the world, not worth notice.

And things work out, in ways we cannot dream of. 

And if it's meant to be, it will be. 

If it doesn't happen, life goes on.

And, in the meantime, we discover that beauty still exists. Knowledge is not held within one person. Discovery is still out there. And safety resides in our Father's arms.

Be blessed!

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Center Stage: Sweet Rebel Bride by Ginny Sterling


“You might as well come on around, I heard you coming from a mile away,” a deep voice said lightly.
She groaned silently at her foolishness. Susanna thought she moved quietly, but apparently not! She put her hand down into her basket, grabbing her father’s pistol. “I am an unarmed woman, sir. My father is not far behind me,” she said calmly, her teeth clenching at how much the lie hurt her.
When he did not respond, she walked calmly around the tree and pulled her gun carefully out, catching her breath at the sight. There was a massive stain all along the left side of the man’s torso from where the soldier was bleeding heavily. The dark stain was stark against his grey uniform. He was in dire need of medical attention or he would die from blood loss. “You are injured,” Susanna said aghast, placing her gun back into her basket and kneeling beside him to inspect the wound. “And you, my dear, are not unarmed as you said,” Josiah said lightly as he realized the vision that was beside him had also been holding a very large pistol, much too big for her tiny hands to fire safely.

**** steam rating (4 out of 5)

Book Description:

Susanna Miller always wished to be a part of the fancy soirees and lavish parties of Alabama genteel society. Her debut came days before Alabama joined the Civil War. Now alone, her home ravaged by a world turned upside down, she spends her days struggling to survive and helping others on the battlefield. Her overwhelming feelings of despair and loneliness are kept behind an icy wall until she can reunite with her only remaining family. Her world changes when she finds an injured soldier that fights his way into her lonely heart, discovering love when she least expected it. Josiah Rutherford is a Southern gentleman, dedicated to family and honor. Josiah will defend his home--even if he disagrees with the Cause. Fighting for the Confederacy, he attempts to aid a fellow soldier on the battlefield that results in him nearly losing his life. Josiah yearns for the sense of security that he once had prior to the War, combined with a desperate desire to claim the heart of a lovely Southern belle.

About the author:

Ginny Sterling is a pen name for an Indie romance writer. She has lived in several different parts of the United States and settled finally in Kentucky. She spends most of her free time writing, quilting, shopping or watching a select few television shows. Ginny has a twisted fascination with collecting Starbucks coffee mugs from all over the country and adores the smell of coffee brewing. Her collection has literally filled over six kitchen cabinets...and does she stop? No. Ginny loves to write (and read) books that make her smile, laugh, or cry. She has been known to cry at Hallmark commercials and still cannot watch the movie "Titanic" or "The Notebook" to this day without bawling for hours. Softy!

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