Thursday, August 31, 2017

Twelve Weeks--1.5 weeks and counting

Yesterday I typed more words than I have yet in this challenge and still only got halfway to my daily goal. But it's progress.

More importantly, I have discovered what this book is actually about. Some may say that's something that should be known before the book is actually begun. It has never worked that way for me. As a plantser, my writing takes me directions I do not plan. That pesky subconscious or muse keeps pushing me away from my ideas for the book. So, eventually I see and agree with my muse (we'll just call it that--subconscious, God, or whatever "it" actually is.)

So, what is the book about? I believe (I'm at the halfway point and so this may change) it's about sacrifices we make for love. And the interesting thing is sacrifice often involves submitting to the other in order to receive gifts from them. Submission between those who love one another is a two-way street--both must give and take. The person who refuses to allow the other to serve is in actuality saying, "I don't need you." We must allow those we love to be needed.

Off to work!

I'll be blogging over at Sweet Americana Sweethearts blog every other month. Check out the blog by clicking on the name above to find some great historical romance authors! 


  1. Good points, Sheila. Sometimes we get in the way of what matters most.... Good luck on your writing goal!


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