Monday, August 28, 2017

Update on Twelve Weeks to a Trilogy

I am off to a slow start. As you know, I call myself a plantser--part planner and part pantser. In other words, I outline but also will go off track and follow rabbit trails. When I jump the track, I re-outline. I went through five or six outlines for my last book. And I'm on my third or fourth outline for this one. 

In the outline for this novella, an incident was supposed to occur in Chapter 2. I wrote the chapter, but the incident did not happen. Okay, I thought, I'll just add it to Chapter 3. It didn't happen ... again. When I got to Chapter 4 and ack! It just wasn't going to happen. My subconscious (we once called it the Muse) refused to cooperate with my conscious. 

I debated whether to rip up the chapters and begin anew (forcing my subconscious in line with my conscious) or rip up the outline and begin where I was at (forcing my conscious to line up with my subconscious). I decided to do the latter. However, that was not particularly easy. My outline had to be forced to conform to the new story line. 

And there was a plot hole. Writing often looks a lot like this ...
... with the glazed stare and all. 

Finally I decided to begin writing and see where it led me (I went into full pantsing mode).

After a couple of chapters, I realized the direction my subconscious wanted to go. 

And today I was able to re-outline the rest of the book. Hmm ... which doesn't mean the outline will not change. But at least I have some notion of the direction to head in and that's enough for now!

I should be at 24000 words at this point. I'm not yet at 5000. I built in a couple of weeks for editing purposes and also to use as catch-up weeks. Unless my speed increases, I'll be far short of my goal at the end of twelve weeks. It is possible, although not probable, that I can catch up by the end of the week ... if I can learn to type as fast as the cat above.

Send me good thoughts! Thanks!

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