Thursday, September 7, 2017

Center Stage: Sweet Rebel Bride by Ginny Sterling


“You might as well come on around, I heard you coming from a mile away,” a deep voice said lightly.
She groaned silently at her foolishness. Susanna thought she moved quietly, but apparently not! She put her hand down into her basket, grabbing her father’s pistol. “I am an unarmed woman, sir. My father is not far behind me,” she said calmly, her teeth clenching at how much the lie hurt her.
When he did not respond, she walked calmly around the tree and pulled her gun carefully out, catching her breath at the sight. There was a massive stain all along the left side of the man’s torso from where the soldier was bleeding heavily. The dark stain was stark against his grey uniform. He was in dire need of medical attention or he would die from blood loss. “You are injured,” Susanna said aghast, placing her gun back into her basket and kneeling beside him to inspect the wound. “And you, my dear, are not unarmed as you said,” Josiah said lightly as he realized the vision that was beside him had also been holding a very large pistol, much too big for her tiny hands to fire safely.

**** steam rating (4 out of 5)

Book Description:

Susanna Miller always wished to be a part of the fancy soirees and lavish parties of Alabama genteel society. Her debut came days before Alabama joined the Civil War. Now alone, her home ravaged by a world turned upside down, she spends her days struggling to survive and helping others on the battlefield. Her overwhelming feelings of despair and loneliness are kept behind an icy wall until she can reunite with her only remaining family. Her world changes when she finds an injured soldier that fights his way into her lonely heart, discovering love when she least expected it. Josiah Rutherford is a Southern gentleman, dedicated to family and honor. Josiah will defend his home--even if he disagrees with the Cause. Fighting for the Confederacy, he attempts to aid a fellow soldier on the battlefield that results in him nearly losing his life. Josiah yearns for the sense of security that he once had prior to the War, combined with a desperate desire to claim the heart of a lovely Southern belle.

About the author:

Ginny Sterling is a pen name for an Indie romance writer. She has lived in several different parts of the United States and settled finally in Kentucky. She spends most of her free time writing, quilting, shopping or watching a select few television shows. Ginny has a twisted fascination with collecting Starbucks coffee mugs from all over the country and adores the smell of coffee brewing. Her collection has literally filled over six kitchen cabinets...and does she stop? No. Ginny loves to write (and read) books that make her smile, laugh, or cry. She has been known to cry at Hallmark commercials and still cannot watch the movie "Titanic" or "The Notebook" to this day without bawling for hours. Softy!

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