Monday, September 25, 2017

Update on Down to the River

I spent yesterday formatting the Down to the River manuscript for paperback publication. Today, I uploaded the cover and submitted to Create Space. I plan to publish the book on October 2nd, my brother's birthday. 

He died a few months ago, and I miss him dearly. When I first began publishing my books, he was there to support and encourage me, as he has been my entire life. I still find it difficult to speak of him without dissolving into tears.

Lest I destroy my computer with the flood of tears, let me instead share the cover for the paperback--

Abby and Joshua, the last of the novellas, will be published this Saturday! It was a tough story to write, and I shed many tears along with Abby. 
Next up, I'll return to Libby and Ander's story. The title of the next book will be Libby Undone. This time Ander's point of view will be included along with Libby's.

If you recall, Libby and Ander travel east in the hopes of selling some of Ander's artwork. They decide to visit Ander and Taron's mother who has recently remarried. Ander is suspicious of his mother's new husband. 

Also in town, who should they see but Sylvia Lindsey. Ander's mother and her new husband and Sylvia travel back to Texas with them.

Should make an interesting journey! 

I've already begun writing the story and plan on publishing it by the beginning of 2018.

And we can't forget Robbie and Abby, Robbie Undaunted and Abby Unbent. Hopefully, both will be finished before the end of the year! Abby Unbent may be published first, around December, if all goes according to plan. 

But don't forget--Abby and Joshua! Only five days until publication! Pre-order today!

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