Friday, February 9, 2018

Abagail's Long Overdue Update

I'm in a fun Facebook hop today. Go here to find out more details: Abagail Eldan's Facebook Page

The funny thing is that Melly, Unyielding is the 4th book in the Lockets & Lace Series. This seems tailored made for my book.

If you missed it, the series has just been published. This book ties in with my first three western novellas. Not only that, the next two will also. If the Lord is willing (and me!), I'll write three more for the same series.

Texas Triad is the name of the series and includes novellas/books in groups of threes. The first three are the Three Brides, the second group of three are the Three Sisters, the third group will be the Three Brothers.

Robbie & Taron, Libby & Ander, and Abby & Joshua make up the Three Brides.

The Three Sisters are Melly, Unyielding, Love's Joy Unending, and Abby, Unbending

This is the cover for Love's Joy Unending: 

This novella will be published March 28th. 

My next book will be a Brokken book. As many know. I'm part of a great group of writers, including a New York Time's bestseller, and not one, but two Laramie award winners! 

I am so thankful to have found this great group of writers. We have a Brokken Road Romance Facebook page plus a blog. Please check them out. 

Next up for me will be the launch of our Brokken series. Watch for that in June. 

Don't forget to join in the Litring, Leather vs Lace, for a chance to win $100 or a Kindle. 

Go Team Lace!

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