Friday, December 7, 2018

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

A common trait appears among popular television shows--Seinfeld, Friends, and The Big Bang Theory, to mention but a few. 

All deal with a group of friends who are loyal to each other. Loyalty is a trait often lacking in today's society. The absence of loyalty is a result of apathy or selfishness. 

For years, a lot of people posted memes about walking away from toxic relationships. Many felt empowered by these to leave a spouse or a friend, and sometimes they needed to do so.

Toxic relationships exist. Abusive relationships exist. 

However, sometimes we mislabel normal relationships as toxic or abusive. 

Normal relationships are often messy. People are sinful--all people, including me, including you. Sometimes we will say or do things selfishly or, at least, without thinking. Sometimes we have quirks. Sometimes we have a problem that might take a long time to uproot.

And how often will we continue in such behavior? Weeks, months, years, decades? 

When we forgive, we are giving up hope for a better past. When we walk away, we are giving up hope for a better future. 

Walking away from a relationship, the absence of loyalty, is the definition of toxicity.

For it is only through relationships that true happiness is found.

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