Saturday, March 30, 2019

Latest Release

Joy, Unending, my latest book, releases on Tuesday, April 2nd. 

I'm happy with the end result. Although all my books differ from each other, this one has more pronounced differences. Joy, Unending follows more closely to what I consider a Christian romance novel. 

While I'm in the recovery process (and, yes, it takes me a while to recover), I thought I'd share my writing process.

It goes something like this--

1. An idea for a story begins to take shape and is not something I pursue or agonize over.  Ideas begin popping in my brain. Sometimes, several ideas for books "pop" at the same time, sometimes completely different books, or more often, several books in a series. And, so, cheerfully, I jot down the idea(s). 

(On a side note, I endeavor to be a neat person, although at heart, I am messy. Therefore, the notes I take at this point are scribbles, often difficult for me to decipher. To give myself props, I have learned to confine them to one notebook, most of the time.) 
Ideas bring a measure of cheerfulness.

2. Next comes a rough outline for the book. I've written around twenty books and have learned I will never stick to an outline. That's why I simply sketch ideas and make a very rough, brief outline. (I can't do this neatly either--it's merely scribbled sentences.) Usually, only the finished first chapter and last chapter have any resemblance to my first outline.
Me, scribbling away.

3. And then comes the writing. And the first chapters are difficult, if not verging on the impossible. I've discovered the reason for this. As I said above, the vision for my book will not fit into the parameters I have outlined for it. I am trying to pry my vision into a container not made for it. At this point, I become discouraged. I will contemplate trashing the whole thing and starting over. 
I will never get this right.

4. But I continue writing, go back and sketch out some scenes, re-think my outline. And the book begins to come together. And, I'll begin to think, yes, I can do this!

Such a cute book!

5. And then ideas begin popping again, and my writing increases speed as if I'm going downhill, although still bumpy.

Hold on!
6. And I finish the rough draft. Finally, it is done! And, I think, it ain't too shabby. Sometimes, I even love it!

7. And then comes the editing and the doubting. I used to spend a lot of time on this. I've learned to streamline the editing process and get through it as quickly as possible.
Does this even make sense?
8. At this point, I am done with the editing, done with the book, ready to publish and to move on to something else, whether what I've just written is good or bad. 
I am done! Yay!
9. And then, depression sets in. It is not doubt, but depression. Perhaps, it's because I miss my characters. Perhaps I'm dreading the stage 3 above when I begin my next book. I don't know. So far, I have always become depressed upon the publication of a book. The reason eludes me as does the solution. 

10. But, with God's help, I pick myself up and brush myself off to begin the process again. And this time around, I plan not to become unhappy--afterall, the title of the book is Joy, Unending!

And there you have it! My writing process. Please check out my other books over on my author page on Amazon.