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Inspirational Quotes and Pictures

On my Facebook author page, I have started uploading memes. Most of these are pictures either I or a family member have taken and most of the quotes were used in my book, Eternal Springs. I hope you are inspired by them as much as I have been!  
My sweet granddaughter with a good friend.

Taken at Cypress Springs by my son, this is Seth Madaris, a very talented friend of ours.

When we vacationed at Port St. Joe, this fellow paid us a visit.

My son's dog, Satchel, that I write about in Eternal Springs.

This is my dog, Shay, when he was a puppy.

This rainbow appeared one day. It ended at my husband's chicken houses--believe me, they have not been a pot of gold. Funny thing is      that we live on Rainbows End Lane. Rainbows hold God's promises! (So, maybe they'll become a pot of gold one day??)
One of my favorite pictures--my son and granddaughter.

My granddaughter!

My granddaughter and first grandson.

Always makes me smile! My mother's dog, Little Bit.

Sunrise over our farm.

View of our pond.

My daughter-in-law and my granddaughter.

My grandson and granddaughter.

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