Twelve Weeks to a Trilogy

GOAL: 159,000 words (#K)
1st Draft of Abby and Joshua
1st Draft of Libby Undone
1st Draft of Robbie Unafraid
1st Draft of Abby Unbent

Week 1 Goal: 21,000 = 21K
Week 2 Goal: 21,000 = 42K
Week 3 Goal: 21,000 = 64K
Week 4 Goal: 21,000 = 84K
Week 5 Goal: 21,000 =95K
Week 6 Goal: 21,000 = 106K
Week 7 Goal: 21,000 = 117K
Week 8 Goal: 21000 = 138K
Week 9 Goal: 21,000 = 159K
Week 10 Goal: EDIT
Week 11 Goal: EDIT
Week 12: Final Polish

Note* I finished Abby and Joshua on 9-21. 
Novellas: River Ranch Series, Western Romance (@21K)
Individual titles: Abby and Joshua--FINISHED on 9-21
Women of River Ranch: Robbie's Refusal Unafraid(working title), Libby's Loss Undone, Abby's ArrivalUnbent
Men of River Ranch: Taron's Trials, Ander's Adversary, Joshua's Journey
Two Mail-Order-Bride Novellas:
The Rancher's Daughter
The Preacher's Daughter On hold for now!

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